Migratory Birds, by ranger Daniel Fincham

Woodland kingfisher

Summer marks the return of the migratory birds here at MalaMala, and up to a third of the birds found on the property are summer migrants.
 Traveling from far and wide, they come from as far as Europe, Asia and North Africa.

The six main bird species are as follows, along with the dates they returned to our horizon.

  1. Woodland Kingfisher – 9th November
  2. Red-back shrike – 9th November
  3. European bee-eater – 15 October
  4. European roller – 24th October
  5. Broad-billed roller – 1 November
  6. Carmine bee eater – No sighting as of yet

The bush is filled with the birdcalls of summer, dominated by the woodland kingfisher and the red crested cuckoo. The Walhberg’s eagles have also just started to nest.

There are many birds that do not migrate, but get their breeding plumage in the summer months. A good example is the lesser masked weaver which is currently nesting in camp.

It’s a good time for twitchers, that’s for sure!

Red-backed Shrike

European roller

Back-bellied Bustard

Green-headed Parrot

Lesser-masked weaver

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