Unforgettable MalaMala (continued): Guest blog, by Greg Byrne

"The Three Amigos" by Greg Byrne

In September we were lucky enough to share some truly amazing pictures captured by Greg and Jan Byrne. If you did not read and see this blog, click here.

We are absolutely delighted to have this opportunity once again!

Said Greg, “Since our trip to MalaMala in July, 2013, I have been keeping tabs on events via the Cyberdiary. In Nic Moxham’s recent post titled “Charleston – Exploring the South“, he mentioned finding three young male lions close to Trollip’s Camp.

This reminded me of three young males we saw in the Charleston area, and I wondered if they could be the same ones. I dubbed these the Three Amigos, and thought I’d post some photos to confirm that they are the same lions.

It would be nice to know how these three are getting on, and whether they are now resident in the Charleston area.

I’ve added some more of my favourite images as well – hope you like them as much as I do.

Airstrip Male by Greg Byrne

Black-backed Jackal by Greg Byrne

Cape Buffalo by Greg Byrne

Best Wishes to all at MalaMala, and Merry Xmas.

Greg Byrne.”

Bicycle Crossing Male By Greg Byrne

Giraffe by Greg Byrne

Eyrefield Lion by Greg Byrne

Greg, apparently these lions belong to the Hilda Rocks Pride.

We thank you most sincerely for your willingness to share your amazing pictures with us, and hope that we will get to welcome you back to MalaMala soon!

A beautiful festive season to you and yours!

From all of us at MalaMala.

Fourways Lion by Greg Byrne

Hippo by Greg Byrne

Kikilezi female by Greg Byrne

Klipspringer by Greg Byrne

Cheetah by Greg Byrne

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