Ten through the lens of ranger Jonathan Short

Elephants crossing the Sand River

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It stands to reason that the way the bush is experienced and appreciated will differ from person to person.
We bring you ten of the best pictures as experienced through the eye (and lens) of ranger Jonathan Short, all taken on safari at MalaMala over recent months.

Which is your favourite?

The graceful flight of a saddle billed stalk

The cub of the Tamboti Female

Sub adult Cheetah

Marthly Pride lioness and mother of the 3 cubs

Hippo and terrapin

Charleston Pride sub adult male

Buffalo at dusk

A young hyena cools off

A White backed vulture prepares to land

2 thoughts on “Ten through the lens of ranger Jonathan Short

  1. Bravo for your superb photos.
    I hope the cheetahs are still around at Easter this year,I am trying to come back for a few days!It will be a year since my last trip…and the death of the three lion cubs

  2. We absolutely look forward to having you again; and also hope you’ll be able to see the cheetahs as you wish! 🙂

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