Ten through the lens of ranger Morne Coetzer

The Emsagweni Female Leopard

This week’s images are through the lens of ranger Morne Coetzer. He has captured some absolutely spectacular cat pics, and a sunset that will no doubt have you dreaming of Africa.


The MalaMala Ranger Team

A Cape Hunting Dog

The Airstrip Male Leopard

The Emsagweni Female Leopard

Fourways sub-adult male lion

The Bicycle Crossing Male and Treehouse Male Leopards

The Emsagweni Female Leopard

The Newington Male Leopard quenches his thirst

A European Roller

Sunset at Picadilly

4 thoughts on “Ten through the lens of ranger Morne Coetzer

  1. Fabulous photos, Morne. I especially like the one of the Airstrip Male on patrol. Do you have any more to report on the encounter between the Bicycle Crossing and Treehouse Males? I’d love to know how this went down!

    Greg Byrne.

  2. There have been furthermore encounters between these two leopards. Although there is a lot of vocalisation, they are really not engaging in any physical confrontation that we are aware of (besides the one fight we saw last month). It seems that as long as the Treehouse Male doesn’t pose a threat to the Bicycle Crossing Male, or look to mate with any of his females, he will tolerate him for the time being. We had a sighting last week where a young female leopard was clearly keen on mating with the Treehouse Male but he resisted because of the Bicycle Crossing Male’s presence. She was seen mating with the Bicycle Crossing Male the next day.

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