Cat fight!

On the 4th of July, a giraffe which had perished from natural causes was found by one of our rangers close to our south-western boundary. The lion prides soon capitalized on the opportunity of a free meal, including the Charleston pride. Also in attendance was a male coalition known as the Sand River males (named by our neighbours, and hardly ever seen on MalaMala).

One of the males from the coalition, referred to in this post as The Sand River male, was scent marking close to the giraffe carcass. The larger of the two males from the Charleston pride was not impressed and decided to make his feelings known. And so ensued an epic battle. Luckily one of our guests, Jerry Kagele, had his camera at the ready and recorded this clip of the two cats fighting.

The male from the Charleston pride is much younger than the Sand River male and is therefore smaller, but he still managed to put up a good fight. The lion to the left of your screen is the male from the Charleston pride, while the other is obviously the Sand River male. The clip ends with the Charleston male lion running off into the bushes, and the Sand River male hot on his heels.

Shortly thereafter, the Sand River male returned to the carcass and fed for a short while before leaving the area. It was only then that the Charleston pride returned to their ‘spoils of war’.

Thank you for supplying us with this clip Jerry!

4 thoughts on “Cat fight!

  1. The bigger one from the video is the Charleston male , at 3.3 years old he is huge compared to the much older Sand river male.

  2. I respectfully disagree on the lion identification. The larger blond male with the partially developed mane is the Charleston sub adult, just under 3.5 years old. The smaller male with the darker mane is the smallest of the trio that is with party of the southern pride. He is the one saved from the majingi in the past by an elephant passing through. You will note the Charleston sub had a good grip on the leg of the SRM and days later that male was still limping with puncture wounds he received. The mistaken identity has been noted by a few others. The Charleston boys are big, unlandishly big for their age. I can understand the mix up.

  3. Hi Luke,

    Indeed you are correct about the identification of the lions, and we apologise for that mix up. Thanks for picking it up 🙂

    The MalaMala Team

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