Ten through the lens of Grant Roodt

Macro grasshopper

This week’s images are through the lens of ranger Grant Roodt. These stunning images paint a different picture of ‘the wild’, and prove that life in the bush is not just about big animals only.

A chinspot batis. Chillin'

The Treehouse and bushbuck kill

Sunset at Jakkalsdraai Open Area

Flame lilies. Reminiscent of hotter days!

A Verreaux's Eagle Owl in camouflage

A termites view of a bull elephant

A sneak peak at the Kikilezi Female

A birds eye view of a crowned lapwing chick

A baby pangolin is carried on the back of its mother

5 thoughts on “Ten through the lens of Grant Roodt

  1. Wow, a baby pangolin in the daylight! What a great sighting. Comparing the scales on his mother’s back and the scales on his head, it must have been pretty small.

  2. Grant, we were so lucky to have you as our ranger! Of course you knew everything about the mammals, but your knowledge of the birds, reptiles, flowers, and trees was truly impressive and made our time at Mala Mala very special. Your photography is great! Love your sunset photo above. Almost as nice as the one you took for me with my camara at our last sundowner! Thank you!

  3. Hi Grant!

    Coming to Mala Mala from Aug 20-23. Requested you again. I hope the schedules align! Looking toward to it. -John D.

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