Ten through the lens of ranger Jonathan Short

Two male impala

Two male impala at day’s end.

This week ranger Jonathan Short has captured both the big and small animals of MalaMala in his through the lens collection.


The MalaMala Ranger Team

Leopard cub of the Tamboti female

The cub of the Tamboti female on an overcast summers day.

Dwarf mongooses

A trio of curious dwarf mongooses.


An environmental study of a giraffe.

Female impala

A female impala running at top speed.

Hovering male pied kingfisher

A male pied kingfisher hovering in order to gain a good vantage point to spot potential prey from.

Tree-house male leopard

The handsome Tree-house male.

West-street male leopard

The West-street male relaxing in an Apple-leaf tree.

A flap-necked chameleon

A flap-necked chameleon crossing the road at a steady pace.

Princess Alice Pans male leopard

An interesting approach on photographing the Princess Alice Pans male.

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