Photography at MalaMala – through the lens of ranger Pieter van Wyk

Sunset MalaMala

This week’s photography blog comes from the lens of ranger Pieter van Wyk.

See the Styx lionesses relax atop our very own pride rock. A Verreaux’s Eagle owl showing himself in broad daylight. And the sun setting on a wonderful week of game viewing at MalaMala Game Reserve.

Thanks Pieter!

Remember… It’s all about the wildlife.

Lionesses MalaMala

Styx pride lionesses. The Lion King wasn't completely inaccurate. These lionesses were born on this very rock.

Weaver bird MalaMala

A male lesser masked weaver takes a moment to inspect me. He will soon be on the receiving end of a much more important inspection from a female of his species.

Female leopard MalaMala

The daughter of the Tamboti female. A pink nose is a good indication that a leopard is still relatively young. This photo was taken during the hotter part of the day when most leopards were fast asleep but this leopard’s youth and exuberance often trumps the heat.

Verreaux Eagle Owl MalaMala

A Verreaux's Eagle owl. Mid-afternoon. Broad daylight. Three meters from the vehicle. On the ground… quite odd.

Wilddogs MalaMala

Wild dogs outside Main Camp. A special animal. A special time of day. A special moment.

Male lion MalaMala

A young male lion from the Eyrefield pride. "Dude, do I have some impala stuck between my teeth?"

Bennett's Woodpecker MalaMala

Bennett's woodpecker. If you'd like to see something really odd… google image search 'a woodpeckers tongue'.

Landrover Wild dogs MalaMala

Wild dogs. Every sighting of these animals gets a 'thumbs up' from rangers.

Male leopard MalaMala

The Bicycle Crossing male. I bet he couldn't believe his luck when he stumbled across this half eaten buffalo bull. Christmas arrives early.

Wild dogs MalaMala

Wild dogs playing on New Rocks. Sightings of these animals are often action packed and done at top speed as we follow them on the move. Sometimes the whole thing feels like a blur.

Vulture MalaMala

Vulture at sunset. This vulture, along with many others, must've been licking his lips when lions abandoned a buffalo carcass after only consuming half of it… well, until a large male lion appeared. Now they have to wait another day.

Oh and this is what a woodpecker’s tongue looks like!

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