Winner of the 2014 MalaMala Rangers Photographic Competition

Well done James Moodie for winning the 2014 game ranger photo competition!

Winning image: Boomslang and weaver chick

Boomslang and weaver chick



Leopard fighting


Wild dog running in the bush


Two leopard


A leopardstanding over it's kill (an impala)


Giraffe with a lovely sunrise


A leopard attacking a warthog


Three lion cubs


Two lion running in the water


Cheetah chasing an Impala


How the competition works:

All images were sent to our judges, in order to choose ten of their favourites each. Points were then allocated to each photo from 10 (their first choice) to 1 (their tenth choice). These points were then combined so that a winning image could be selected.

Our sincere thanks to the judges – all professional photographers – who were willing to assist us with this competition.

Judges: Max Waugh, Astrid Bluemel, Greg du Toit, Stu Porter, Shane Doyle and Gerald Hinde.

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