Leopards galore

The Airstrip male

The Airstrip male

Text: Dave Landey | Photograph: Morne Coetzer

With the exceptionally low rainfall this season, it is almost as if winter has come early and with it, a phenomenon known amongst rangers as ‘winter madness’. A term used to describe the exceptional, consistent, game viewing during the cooler and drier months.

March has provided us with some great game viewing. Some parts of the month stand out more than others, such as the leopard sightings from the 16th to 19th of March. Over these four days, there were a total of 26 leopard sightings, in which 14 different leopards seen. During one exceptional afternoon drive, there were nine different leopards seen at eight sightings.

The leopards which were seen over the four days were:

Males: Airstrip male, River rocks male, Newington male, Marthly male, Tslebe rocks male and the Treehouse male.

Females: Two cubs of the Kikilezi female, Kikilezi female, Island female, Tamboti female, Dudley female and two unidentified females.

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