MalaMala highlights


7 December: The pack of 3 cape hunting dogs was seen again not too far from Main Camp. The Styx lionesses killed a bushbuck. The Airstrip male leopard was seen close-by and the Treehouse male was on the Western Bank. 2 large herds of buffalo were viewed and there were many elephant sightings.



6 December: Today’s highlight took place in the south. The Charleston lioness and her 2 cubs were on a waterbuck kill in the Sand River. There were 150+ elephants along the river in that general area as well as 3 hyena. A few elephants chased after the hyena who in turn ran straight towards the lions. It was chaos. Other lions seen today: 2 Eyrefield lionesses. 1 Styx lioness. 3 young male lions were at Matshapiri Dam. There were a couple leopard sightings. A herd of buffalo down south. Many many many elephants. Photo by ranger James Moodie @rangerjamtin



5 December: Four lion sightings: 2 of the Eyrefield lionesses were at Confluence crossing and were later joined by the 3rd lactating lioness. The Matshapiri pride were around Matshapiri Open Area. 1 Gowrie male was in the north and 2 Styx lionesses were in the Mlowathi. 3 leopards: the Airstrip male had a mildly hostile encounter with the Treehouse male. The Kikilezi female was also seen. Cheetah: 2 male cheetah were viewed at Clarendon Dam. Many buffalo and elephant sightings. Photo by ranger Matt Meyer @mattmeyer59

4 December: A fantastic sighting today as 2 lionesses from the Styx pride took on a herd of buffalo.


3 December: The pack of 3 cape hunting dogs was viewed in the central parts of MalaMala. Only 1 lion sighting and that was of a Styx lioness at Stwise. Still no visual of her cubs. 2 leopards: the Airstrip male has an impala kill up a tree on the western bank of the Sand River just north of Rattray’s Camp. We haven’t seen him this far south in a while. One of the daughters of the Kikilezi female was also seen. A herd of buffalo and many elephant sightings were recorded too. A magnificent sight of a herd of rare Sable Antelope in the Sand River opposite Rattray’s Camp. Image by ranger Mike Kirkman.



2 December:┬áToday’s highlight was undoubtedly an amazing and rare sighting of a honey badger catching, killing and eating and white tailed mongoose. Lions: the 7 members of the Marthly pride were in front of Main Camp. The Matshapiri males are with 2 of the Eyrefield lionesses. The mother of the cubs was absent. Leopards: one of the daughters of the Kikilezi female was seen as well as the Emsagweni female. Many elephant and buffalo sightings. Photo by ranger Matt Meyer @mattmeyer59



1 December: Three kills were witnessed here today! Lions: The 3 Eyrefield lionesses were laying on some rocks in the Sand River when a herd of impala came down to drink. The lionesses ran in an brought down two impala! The Matshapiri pride were also seen today not too far north of West Street. Leopards: the Emsagweni female had an impala lamb kill up a tree when we found her. Later she descended the tree and went for a drink before running in on duiker and killing a youngster. The Tamboti female was seen and so was one of the daughters of the Kikilezi female. Many elephant sightings as well as buffalo. Photo of the Emsagweni female letter by ranger Pieter van Wyk @pcfvanwyk

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