The ‘New’ Sable Camp

The re-imagination of MalaMala is progressing well, with the completion of phase 1, and we’re delighted to share the first “official” images of the new-look Sable Camp with you.

We’re thrilled with the outcome, and we believe we’ve achieved a delicate balance of old and new, classic and contemporary. Most importantly, we’ve succeeded in preserving the soul and heritage of the camp, while at the same time introducing a fresher and sharper feel.

MalaMala has always had a uniquely African character and, as the images below demonstrate, we’ve stayed true to our roots.

Sable Camp Suite

Sable Camp Suite

Sable Camp Suite bathroom

Lion’s Den living room

Sable Camp deck

Sable Camp bar

Sable Camp dining room

Sable Camp living room


Progress with ‘Main Camp’ re-imagination

The Main Camp re-imagination remains on track, and the updated timeline for the remainder of the project is as follows:


 Description  Start  End
 Phase 1  Sable Camp central facilities area,
Rooms 18 – 22
 1 Oct 2017  15 Dec 2017
 Phase 2 A  Rooms 14 – 17  15 Jan 2018  30 Mar 2018
 Phase 2 B  Rooms 9 – 12  15 Jan 2018  5 May 2018
 Phase 3  MalaMala Camp central facilities
area, Rooms 1 – 8
 6 May 2018  30 Jun 2018
 Phase 4  Rooms 23 – 27  1 Oct 2018  15 Dec 2018


This is neatly summarised in the camp layout below:


We are very proud of the fact that in the five months since the re-imagination started, we have not had a single guest complaint, only compliments. That said, there is no room for complacency and we are doing everything in our power to ensure that our guest experience is not compromised in any way.